India, February 2016


Fulton St @ Cherry Bar

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Living in Melbourne is a musical treasure trove, I don’t take advantage of that enough. The live music scene here is incredible, not to mention our community radio stations and local DJs. This was my first time taking photos at a live gig (that wasn’t a wedding band) and it’s a lot more difficult than I expected. Less than desirable lighting conditions and very limited space to move around, meets some of the most expressive portrait opportunities that you’re likely to come across. It was a blast though and I’m happy with the photos for a first attempt.

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April and Chris // Elopement

Chris and April eloped in Melbourne in July, and we braved the cold to capture the day forever. I love Melbourne and I will endlessly praise its underrated beauty; but I specifically love the fact that you don’t need to go somewhere spectacular to get beautiful photos, the places we take for granted are spectacular enough if you take the time to notice.

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